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  • Setting the Windows Explorer default folder view in Windows 7

    After being frustrated by this for years I think I might have fixed it. I installed a new version of Win 7 on my desktop, set the folder views like I like them and they stayed that way. I’ve rebooted about 15 times since and they are still like I set them!

    But my laptop which I use most keeps switching them back to how it wants it every time I reboot and sometimes just after a few hours…it resets them. You know how aggravating this is. So I looked online again like I’d done for years with no avail and one guy pointed to a location in the registry that he thought that this adjustment was located: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer.

    So I looked at this location on my laptop and on my newer version of windows on my desktop, which has minimal programs loaded on it. On my desktop there is a folder called “MenuOrder” in this “Explorer” folder which my laptop doesn’t have. And on my laptop there is a folder called “Folder Types” that my desktop doesn’t have.

    On my laptop, the one where the menus keep changing, there are 4 folders in this “Folder Types” folder. Each with a long name of just numbers and letters. So I set a restore point and have a backup of my hard drive, I exported the “Folder Types” folder to a location on my hard drive, after I took a screenshot (photo) of the registry. Then I deleted the “Folder Types” folder and rebooted.

    It took longer to reboot than usual. But when I opened up Windows Explorer it was just like I left it, just like I wanted it. I so rebooted a couple of more times and it would hang a bit and take longer than usual to boot back up, but my folders view was like I left them and like I wanted them. So I went back into the registry and created another “Folder Types” folder in there, an empty one, and it rebooted normally and my folder options now stay put just like I like them!

    To create the new folder in the “Explorer” folder in the registry, do just like you were creating a new folder in Windows Explorer. Right click on the “Explorer” folder and choose New > Key and name it “Folder Types”. On the right side in this new folder an entry will appear, I left it alone. Or if you have this folder already, delete the folders underneath it. You may want to do this one at a time and reboot and check after each one.

    I don’t know why the newer version of Win 7 doesn’t have the “Folder Types” folder at this location in the registry but does have a folder called “MenuOrder”. But clearing out the “Folder Types” folder seems to have solved this aggravating problem for me. I hope this helps you!
    Monday, January 16, 2017 7:35 PM

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