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  • few days ago I asked about download links for official (MS) IE 10 here on forum.

    It was provided:

    IE10 (x86):

    IE10 (x64):

    Computers that I am installing IE10 are running 64bit Windows 7 Full and Embedded. The description below is exact for both types of OS.

    1. x86 version from the link above doesn't run on 64 (the message: not compatible with OS you are running)

    2. x64 installs fine.

    Some confusions:

    a) in about of IE no BITs shown which may mean 32 bit browser running. This is not a problem I saw that About is not a "reliable" place for the info.

    b) in all programs only one IE icon appears and there are no 64bit in icon name (usually 2 IE icons appear, one for x64).

    c) when right click on a IE icon in all programs the path is c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\... that indicated 64bit IE.

    But in Windows Explorer there are no Program Files folder and only c:\Program Filed (x86) in which Internet Explorer resides.

    d) and last: in task manager Processes when start IE 2 processes appear: iexplore.exe and iexplore.exe *32

    Looks like I got some "hybrid" of IE. And 32 bit version is not there

    I don't really mind about it as soon as it will not create any problem.

    As I know 64 should perform better but could have incompatibility with 32 bit plugins (I have to check with our apps suppliers).

    Could somebody clarify or confirm that what I am experiencing is normal?

    And also 64 bit IE vs 32 bit pros/cons.


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    Monday, January 26, 2015 4:57 PM


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