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  • While trying to export a sharepoint site to one of the production enviornment after changing the site web address from Site Action- Site Settings- Title, Description, and Icon - Web Site Address, the value of the 'Modified Date' columns for all the contents in the exported site gets changed to the datetime value when the web site address URL has changed. 

    This issue is there only on the target production site where the site has been exported and the metadata is not changed in the source site from where the export was taken.

    Please advise whether its a known issue and any solutions for the same.


    Regards, Aj (http://www.aj-sharepoint.blogspot.com/) MCTS
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  • Hi,


    According to your description, changing a site’s URL by these steps:

    1.        Stop old IIS site.

    2.        Create new web application in SharePoint, bind to new IP address in IIS.

    3.        Apply SSL certificate if appropriate.

    4.       Create new site collection for this web application using the blank site template.

    5.        Export content using the SharePoint's content migration API (I have a tool which does this, which will shortly be on Codeplex) ensuring all security data is exported. Alternatives to this step include STSADM -O BACKUP and STSADM-O EXPORT. *

    6.       Import content into the new site collection, ensuring to include security.

    7.        Amend any absolute URLs in .udcx data connection files used by InfoPath.

    8.        Republish any InfoPath forms to the new site.

    9.        Configure search:

    a.        Ensure new URL is a content source.

    b.        Update any crawl rules which use absolute URLs.

    c.         Update 'authoritative pages' as appropriate.

    d.        Start full crawl.

    e.        Update scopes.

    f.          Go to Site Settings > Site collection administration > Search scopes, add any custom scopes to search dropdown (if using standard search web parts).

    g.        Ensure search web parts use relative URLs/do not reference old site URLs

    10.     If a redirect from old URL is required, create new IIS site to implement this:

    a.        Create new site in IIS and bind to old IP address.

    b.        On 'Home directory' tab, specify content should come from 'A redirection to a URL' and enter the URL.

    11.     Ensure DNS/firewalls are configured appropriately for new URL, remembering to allow appropriate time for DNS propagation.

    12.     Perform testing.

    In addition, I have found a link about changing the name or URL of your web site based on SharePoint Team Service, please refer to:


    Best Regards
    David Hu
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  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your response, but this is not  the issue , i have a sharepoint 2007 site on Dev site migrated from eRoom, and i m moving the site to  Prod. after performing a stsadm export and import using SPD.

    For one of the site i has to change the URL of the Dev site, While moving it to Production it was noticed that the metadata (modified date) of all the files folders and list items in production has changed to the date time when i changed the Dev site URL.

    Regards, Aj (http://www.aj-sharepoint.blogspot.com/) MCTS
    Monday, July 18, 2011 9:44 AM