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  • For the life of me, I don't understand why Microsoft insists on going BACKWARDS in making their software less useful and intuitive.  Its like they Dumb It Down So Much -- that it is actually annoyingly useless!

    Example: Windows Explorer - just an old stand by gotta have from waay back.  Now?  Well, if I search for (example)  .ai -- in other words, Mr. Windows Explorer, I want to see every Adobe Illustrator file on my computer or whatever folder I am in... is that so hard?  Because you did that super nifty in XP.  But now -  you just IGNORE the extension period - and give me every DANG file that has the letters ai in it.  Which is pretty much everything I imagine.

    What is the deal here.  What do I, the consumer, have to screw around with in my limited amount of time to screw around -- to make this Basic Software Program -- actually work again? 

    Wow.  Also -- Why did you turn Your Basic Program Wordpad into Little Word?  Just want a text editor -- always used Wordpad.  Now I get to use Notepad, which has even LESS functionality.  Thanks again, Microsoft!  Anyway, if anyone can help me get my Windows 7 version of Explorer just WORK without me effing around with the Registry -- I'd be most appreciative. 

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