Internal and External RDP drops RRS feed

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  • A problem that started a few days ago.  We have some employees that use VPN and RDP to a remote box  and tow servers to use some applications whenever they are offsite.  The VPN connectin stays up but the RDP will randomly drop at different times of the day.  Usually when the user becomes idle but that can be after only five seconds of the mouse not moving.  Same issue when they RDP into the internal network.  We run pings constantly to see if they drop when the RDP does but they stay up.  There is no terminal server or GPO running the RDP, it is all on the local machines.  There have been no changes to the network for several weeks and only started about two days ago, and is for anyone trying to use RDP.  Have checked the RDP settings on each machine and as far as we can tell they are what they are supposed to be.  I have exhausted all research that I could find on the forums so far.
    Tuesday, July 15, 2014 9:44 PM