Stop a receive port / Location from SCOM RRS feed

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  • I'm pretty much new to SCOM and Biztalk Management Pack . We have a condition where a sql table edited and updated by Biztalk will store errors . I want SCOM to monitor this table (or a Biztalk error message : more on this below)and stop a particular receive port. At the moment I dont have any clue on how to go about it , but my guess is to write a custom rule and then some agent in SCOM will look for it and stop the receive port.

    Now some basic questions,

    1. Biztalk Management Pack comes with some scripts  eg., Microsoft.Biztalk.Library.HostAction.vbs , Microsoft.Biztalk.Library.OrchestrationAction.vbs , Microsoft.Biztalk.Library.EnableReceiveLocation.vbs etc . Where are these located in SCOM operation management console . How to view them or use them

    I've mentioned that I want to monitor SQL Sever table. But I also have a choice to have the SQL Server in a stored procedure return a Error back to the calling Biztalk orchestration when the theshold is reached . Would disabling Biztalk receive location be simpler in this case using SCOM(Note : I'm aware we can use the disable receive location on failure option in Biztalk, but wanted to disable receive only on a particular type of Error if this is a possibility)




    Thursday, August 18, 2011 4:49 AM