Media Center time zone shenanigans RRS feed

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    Vista Home Premium, SP1, fully patched.  No EPG (I live in New Zealand) and so all scheduled TV recordings are set up manually with channel, day, start and end times.


    Sunday 6th April, the clocks went back as summer time ended.  The timezone on the PC changed as expected.


    Monday 7th April, the program scheduled to record at 7:45 pm started recording at 6:45.  Checking the schedule, they had all been brought forward an hour, and the day's earlier recordings were not what was wanted.  Effectively, they were recording as if the timezone had not changed.  I had to manually set all the recording start and end times to what they were previously.


    It's a little mad, the 6 pm news (for example) always starts at 6 pm in the current time zone.


    My question - is this a known bug?  I've found nothing relating to it in an hour or so or searching.



    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 12:12 AM