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  • Hello all,I am kinda new at this so not the best at the lingo so plz bear with me.I have 2 questions.

    #1 how do i get software that does not see vista as a O.S to install? I have heard that you can use start/run but i don't know the command and is there a better way anyway?? most of the things I install vista will take over and install them when the software installer gives up,but I have 2 things now that will not install.The most important for now is my wireless internet for my laptop.It comes up saying it needs windows 98ed2 or better so it is aborting,it does go ahead after awile and does a goofy install but then when I try to use it it says there are no wireless devices installed(air card)but my laptop see's it because when I put it in the first time pc installs the drivers and I can look up modems an its there so what the BEEP?? help help plz

    #2 I was reading the blogs an I see there is a newer version of vista than my beta 5384 out so how do I get it? This is fun I like playing with this stuff more than I thought,it gives my brain the same kinda challange as designing and building production machinery or hot rods but a lot cleaner an cooler so I would like to get more involved as I learn and time permits.

    Thanks for listening and any help ya do for me


    Monday, August 14, 2006 6:14 PM

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  • Hi,

    These forums are for Exchange Server 2007.  As your questions are related to Windows Vista, I recommend that you post them in the Windows Vista forums (http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/default.aspx?ForumGroupID=204&SiteID=17) or in the newsgroups at news.microsoft.com in the microsoft.public.vista.* hierarchy.

    Monday, August 14, 2006 6:40 PM
  • #1 are you trying to install drivers for your wireless card or do you have software from your wireless ISP that your tyring to install?


    #2 The next build was only released to only select beta testers and MSDN/Technet subscribers to my knowledge.

    Monday, August 14, 2006 10:25 PM
  • Thx for the reply folks.what i am using is the software disk from alltel as they are my service provider,however i have tried the card manufacture which is kyocera and smith-cole the software manufacture also alltel and beta support beta support helped the most but still no workee,they told me ya'll had wireless probs with the 5384 and he did not know if they were ever resolved or not so at this time I'm still stuck.I do have a job number from tech support it is srx060814607092.

    Thx for the help and I will check on the other site as you mentioned

    Thursday, August 17, 2006 10:53 AM