Copy data from one column to another using a calculated column RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Objective - There is a hidden column A in the list. I need it to display the values in the list display form, ie AllItem.aspx. (Without object model)

    Method used to achieve the above - Created a new calculated column B with the formula =[A]. Assumed this will copy all the data from A to B.

    Problem - The new calculated column is not getting created with the formula =[A].

    Probable Reason - I am not allowed to implement the above idea using a hidden column. Is it true or am I missing something here?

    Thanks in Advance

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  • Hi Shameej,


    Would you provide more information about your issue?

    1.       What kind of column is your hidden column ? Is it a calculated column ?

    2.        How do you hide the column ? By editing the content type of the list or through coding?


    If you want to show the values of a hidden column ,you can just unhide it .Or you can create a workflow to update the a custom column(not the calculated column) to the  value of the hidden column .

    1.       Create a new column which is  of the same type with  the hidden column .

    2.       Create a workflow to start when an item is created or changed .

    3.       Set the action as ‘update list item’ .Set the custom column to have the value of the hidden column .



    Entan Ming
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