Configure Subscriber as Publisher in the existing replication. RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    We have two servers which are currently involved in transactional replication, running smoothly and consider 'dbapub' is the publishing server and 'dbasub' is the subscribing server.

    Database size is around 100GB, now our requirement is to add another third server 'dbasub2' without impacting/load on publisher server performance. Hence instead of using 'dbapub'  as publisher we to want to use 'dbasub' as publisher and make 'dbasub2' as subscriber.


    'dbapub' to 'dbasub' transactional replication (Remains same, 'dbapub' publisher to 'dbasub' subscriber)

    'dbasub' to 'dbasub2' transactional replication (New supposed replication, 'dbasub' publisher (already acts as subscriber) to 'dbasub2' subscriber)

    Is it feasible, if yes. Do we have to consider anything in prior to configure as per the above requirement.

    To the best of my knowledge we need to make sure below points:

    1. Need to consider its latency.

    2. Articles should be upto 'dbasub2' subscriber requirement. (Means if the required tables are not being replicated from 'dbapub' first publisher to 'dbasub' subscriber it is not possible to replicate from this second supposed publisher to another 'dbasub2' supposed subscriber )

    Please suggest.



    Grateful to your time and support. Regards, Shiva

    Thursday, June 11, 2015 3:33 AM