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  • Hi!

    First, where can I post queries about native VHDs on Windows 7?

    I see VHD Native Boot and Driver Cloning  in Windows Desktop Development forums >  General Windows Desktop Development Issues,

    (when I navigate there the option's N/A, http://i.imgur.com/9Vj7tPJ.png )

    I've finally copied my VHD(s), and tested the copies by adding BCD(edit) entries, pointing to the new VHD's. 

    I had a failure with a native VHD. I managed to copy the VHD file from the (internal) HD, before cleaning the HD and restarting from scratch (new vdisk created and attached, win7 reinstalled).

    The original VHD ('Win7VHD') is still working, but won't boot (see mounted Disk 3 (I:), compared to the active, bootable partition (C:).


    Before creating a fresh install on the new, clean "VHD (Win7)" volume, I tried lots of things to fix the "won't boot" issue with the VHD (rebuild MFT, fixBR... without ever knowing exactly what I was doing :()

    So I've created a BCD entry for the recovered VHD... now, can I make it bootable again?

    (I don't know what the root of the bootable VHD has to contain)

    (Thanks in advance to all you cool cats :)

    Monday, February 10, 2014 8:17 PM