Creating a secure environment on a Windows 10 Enterprise PC that a Public client can use RRS feed

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    I hope some can help, we have a number of Users who have to work out in the community, we use Windows 10 Enterprise a and we connect back to to our HQ using Direct Access. We have very high Security needs and we dont currently let anyone outside of our organisation use normal user logons, but we have a specific number of PC's for the public to use and these have very high security setting to not enable them to leak over to our internal secure network.

    But, when our users are using theirs Laptops out in the community's we have a need to allow the users to complete some questionnaires, or fill in some online form on our laptops, unfortunately due to our security requirement we cannot allow this on on the normal user logon, nor due to our security requirements we cannot even create a secondary logon on the PC for the client to use.

    Is their anyway that we could create a Hyper V image to create a secure client logon image that wont be able to see anything on the PC, nor switch back to the normal PC OS until the internal use allow this, or can anyone think of an alternative solution.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2018 7:09 PM

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