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  • Hello!

    Could anybody be so kind to explain how to take an advantage of synchronization:

    1. How it can be utilized as an incremental backup? If I add some data into the file in the protected folder prior to the synchronization to occur I see the increase in the amount of the data transfer, but I am unable to see the synchronizations in the list of the available recovery points. How to be able to restore files with the 15 mins interval VS only when the file recovery point is taken?
    2. I noticed that if I add files into the folder which is protected by the Protection Group it is not showing up in the Recoverable Data after the synchronization takes place. It is showing up only after the file recovery point is created or consistency check takes place. Is that behavior by default or I am missing something? How to make in DPM that new files are added to the Recoverable Data if the folder being protected automatically?

    Many thanks for your help!

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  • 1/ Synchronization for file system is just a way to balance the network load through the day.

    Keep in mind that you have a 64 Recovery Points limit for the File System.

    If you need to create a recovery point based on the last synchronization then in the Protection Pane, right click the data source and select "Create Recovery Point" and choose the "Without Synchronization" option.

    Else recovery point will only be made out of the Recovery Point Schedule specified during the Protection Group creation.

    2/ Data added to the folder is automatically synched during the next synchronization. In the Recovery pane, you can only see restorable data which means that you can only see Recovery Points and not Synchronization point.

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