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  • Hello.

    Here's my situation.

    The company has SharePoint installed.

    I have one site collection with one site for each department.

    Today, I received a request from CEO that he wants a private folder.

    So I would like to make either a private folder or library that is not accessible even from system administrator.

    Is that possible? If so, please guide me through.

    Thank you for your interest.



    Thursday, March 8, 2012 5:13 AM

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  • I suppose you mean the system account. No, thats not possible, there can be no location in a sharepoint site which is inaccessible to a system account or a site collection administrator.

    These are administrative accounts, so any normal user is not supposed to be using them. Also, in a practical scenario, with time your CEO, might have issues with the private folder, if no one else has access to it accept him/her, then how will you be able to resolve that issue.

    Also, if you find that there is no way out but your CEO requires that private folder to be absolutely private then you need to create a separate site collection with site collection administrator as your CEO only and provide the said folder. Even, in this case the system account will have access to the folder unless you decide that the application pool identity for that web application is also your CEO (which is not recommended as the application pool identity should ideally be an account which is not used by any user).

    Regards, Huzefa Mala, MCTS

    Thursday, March 8, 2012 6:17 AM