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    thanks for the answer


    but what i actually want means,


    in scorecard rows i'm having one  KPI's namely  "Sales Amount"  under this i'm having two dimensions "2005", "2006"


    in scorecard columns i'm having products as dimensions


    with this report i create Trend analysis chart


    the chart shows products in x-axis and sales amount in Y-axis


    if i choose "sales amount" in scorecard the trend chart shows corresponding to that.if i choose "2005" the trend chart shows corresponding graph for the year of "2005" .if i choose "2006" the trend chart   shows corresponding graph for that.



    How can i achieve that




    Saturday, January 5, 2008 5:05 AM


  • Sathiyapriyan,


    Are you looking to see a trend of the KPI?  Or a trend of the Measure: Sales Amt that is from a cube that has Sales in it for 2005 and 2006? 


    If you create an Analytic Chart Report View from your cube with Product on the x-axis and Sales Amt on the y-axis, and the Time hierarchy in the background, you can create a link from the Scorecard to the Report View based on the 'Member Value: MemberUniqueName', this will show you the product sales for 2005 when you select the KPI row 2005 in the scorecard and 2006 when you select the KPI row 2006.



    Monday, January 7, 2008 7:56 PM