(Vista RC1) After a large download Faultreport "not enough quotes(?)" RRS feed

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  • I had just completed the d-load of the trial version of MS Flight Simulator X (800+MB) and Vista was apparently moving it from a temp/system download file/location to its final destination when a fault report came up saying that I do not have enough "quotes" <the original in the German OS was "nicht genug quoten"> to complete the operation.

    I suspect this has something to do with the "rights" of the account - but as it is the only account <and so an admin account> on the system I can't quite see why I am somehow not "authorized(?)" to d-load a large file?

    Update: I have now read some information that indicates that this matter has to do with an application causing leaks from the Kernal and so leaving too little "Spoolcapacity?"

    (Sorry I am working between two languages here - and have not formally studied IT so there are gaps in my knowledge.)

    Perhaps the above will still let one of you folks get a bit further with this question/suggest a work-around.

    I have already placed an advance order for Vista Home Premium 64x and so it would be of course cool to know if this is a known problem with RC1 that has been fixed in RTM.?

    The above problems have re-occured now with other large downloads.

    Friday, December 29, 2006 3:18 PM