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  • I am using Project Professional 2010.  I have a project plan that is using resources from a resource pool.  Both the project plan and the resource pool are located in the same directory, same folder on a network share (not SharePoint).

    The problem:

    When both the resource pool and project plan are open at the same time, the resource in question (Ryan) has no overallocation for the specific task in question (one 10 day task).  When I close the project plan, but leave the resource pool open, the resource in question changes to overallocated for the same 10 day task.  The over allocation shows on a specific date, May 20, 2013.  This date is a non-working day specificed in the calendar assigned to the resource.  This same issue is occuring for multiple resources in the same way. 

    The Specifics

    All tasks are set to "Auto Schedule".  The resource pool has multiple calendars defined as the resources are from different countries.  The resource in question has a Candian Holiday calendar assigned.  This calendar has May 20, 2013 set as a non-working day.  There are other days set as non-working days as well.

    When creating the task in question, as stated, it has a duration of 10 days.  It starts on 5/7 and ends on 5/21.  Project is calcuating the correct number of working days and setting the task appropriately by skipping 5/20.  This can be observed by changing the duration to 9 days - project automatically sets the end date of the taks to Friday the 17th.  As stated earlier, this resource is not assigned to any other project, and no over allocations exist for this resource in this plan.

    If I change to the team planner view in the resource pool, the duration of the task is confirmed, start and end date are confirmed, and no over allocation issues are seen.

    Once I close the project plan and leave the resource pool open, the same resource now changes to over allocated for the task in question.  When looking at the team planner view, nothing has changed about the task, except it now shows a red block on 5/20 to highlight where the over allocation is happening, yet, the start and end date of the task have not changed, but, the resource shows over allocated.

    Additionally, this is happening for other resources in this plan the same exact way, with the only difference being that the resources have different calendars with different days set as non-working days.

    So, the plan is fine when looking at it on its own, but the resource pool continues to show over allocation because it sees a resource being forced to work on a non-working day, even though that is not what is happening based on the duration and start/end times.


    Thursday, February 14, 2013 9:11 AM

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  • Chris,

    Yeah, I've got a couple of thoughts.

    First, you say all tasks are auto-scheduled so you are either using Project 2010 or Project 2013. If it is Project 2010, is it updated with SP1? If not, download the update at: I don't have Project 2013 but as far as I can tell, there are no released updates as of yet.

    Second, at what level is the overallocation critera set (i.e. minute by minute, hour by hour, etc.)? Check and/or change that and see it it makes a difference.

    Third, you indicate all files are in a common directory and folder but running a linked structure (e.g. resource pool/sharer files) over a network is not the optimal approach. It increases the possibility of corruption. If the structure is all on your local hard drive, does it display the same behavior? (Try copying the whole folder from the server to your hard drive. Copying the whole folder should alleviate the possibility of link structure duplication.)

    Fourth, take a look at the Resource Usage view and display the Work and Available Work fields in the timescaled data (right side). Set the timescale at different levels to see if it shows an overallocation.

    Let us know.


    Thursday, February 14, 2013 4:00 PM
  • Hi,

    I've seen this kind of behavior in some versions. For Project 2010 there was an enhancement in this area shipped with CU 08/12 (see, so I would recommend updating your version to at least this patch level.

    If the error still occurs even with the latest version, please file a support case with Note that bugs are free of charge. Microsoft is working hard to continuously improve the software.

    Please let us know on the result.


    Renke Project Management with MS Project - Oldenburg, Berlin, Munich/Germany

    • Proposed as answer by Renke Holert Sunday, April 7, 2013 4:34 PM
    Thursday, February 14, 2013 7:12 PM
  • Hi Chris,

    are you still experiencing this issue with the latest build of Project Server 2010?


    Renke Project Management with MS Project - Oldenburg, Berlin, Munich/Germany

    Sunday, April 7, 2013 4:34 PM