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  • Hi, I think something like this problem has been brought up before, but none of the fixes I've seen have worked for me.

    I got a new laptop (Thinkpad) with Windows 7 professional (64-bit) a little over a week ago.  Have not had any issues with the taskbar until today, after I used an external monitor (first time with this computer) and then disconnected.  After this, I realized that my task bar is present, but the icons for all pinned programs are invisible.  For running programs, you can see the outline of the little rectangle that surrounds the icon, but the actual image of the icon is also not visible so you cannot tell what the program is.   If you click on the area where the icon should be, it behaves as it should (i.e. brings up the window for that program).  Mouseover produces a preview image, but for some reason, the preview image shows up on the opposite side of the screen rather than next to the icon.  The start menu button, clock, battery and notification icons still appear as normal.  Also, this only happens when the bar is vertical (i.e. on the left or right sides of the screen) and is normal when it's horizontal.

    I've attempted a number of fixes including:
    1. exiting explorer and re-running it
    2. changing the resolution and returning it to original
    3. extending my display to two monitors again and returning it back to one (however I noticed this problem after no longer being where I had access to an external monitor..so I'm just changing the settings around and not actually extending to a second monitor)
    4. Trying to change any taskbar options (e.g. use small icons, auto hide, locking the taskbar)
    5. restarting the computer
    6. updating/re-installing graphics card driver

    None of these things have fixed the issue.  Has anyone else come across this?  Or have any suggestions as to other possible fixes to try?  It's not the end of the world since the task bar is normal when it's horizontal, but I prefer to keep it vertical since the horizontal cuts into the little vertical space that is available on a widescreen laptop display.

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