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  • I’m trying to better understand system related performance issues. I’m currently running Windows7 64-bit OS, 4 GB of RAM, with a SATA drive, 2.5” 5400 rpm.

    For the majority of times, according to Perfmon, I’m consuming about 1- 1.5 GB of RAM and my system responds accordingly. However, when I startup a Virtual machine, I’ve noticed that my system’s performance reducing signifigantly. Tabbing between applications take seconds to complete as well as delays associated with searching in google and opening other applications.

    I have 2 GB dedicated to the virtual machine and looking at perfmon, when my VM is running, I typically have 800 MB of “free memory” remaining. To try and diagnose the slow performance, I opened perfmon and looked at the following stats:

     Memory – Available Bytes

    Memory – Page/ Sec Avg.

    Disk Sec/ Read Avg.

    Disk Sec/ Write

    (I excluded the processor stats because all my experience in the past has shown there’s no processor utilization issues. )

     At a particular point when my system was responding poorly, I looked at perfmon to see what the stats where doing, this period of poor performance lasted about 2 minutes. Below are the Perfmon results during that period:

    Memory – Available Bytes, 625 MB

    Memory – Page/ Sec, 3,500 average for the 2 minutes

    Avg. Disk Sec/ Read, 20 MS

    Avg. Disk sec/ Write, 110 MS

    Based on that information, I don’t understand why my system is paging so much, when there’s approximately 800 MB of free memory for use. I would assume the paging is what’s causing the high disk write times. I’m not sure where to start when troubleshooting or what the true issue is, versus what is just the symptom of the issue (I.e., high disk write times related to high paging). These results are fairly predictable. I can accomplish the same issue if I start my VM and actively use it.

    I would like some input on how to troubleshoot this issue

    Friday, November 5, 2010 12:39 AM