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  • Windows7 setup does not support GOP, it requires VGA, but I'm wondering if anyone's tried laying down a prepped W7x64 image down on a GOP only (no VGA emulation available in bios/uefi setup) system?

    I just had my 1st 100% UEFI system come through our lab, no CMS no VGA emulation available,  but I only have a x86 W7 image in my current production MDT environment, so I was wondering if a x64 image could be dropped onto it or not.

    I'd have to create a whole new MDT lab environment just to test this myself as I don't have exclusive rights to modify the production MDT workbench without impacting others, so it'd be several days worth of work for potentially no benefit....so that's why i'm hoping someone has already tried this and can comment.

    On the 1 hand I'm certain the image itself would lay down, but after the first boot when it goes into Mini-Setup I'm thinking the install engine will just hang when the video driver is initialized the way a DVD or USB UEFI install does.

    Can anyone confirm / deny this?

    GOP at boot time to my best understanding is only supported by W8, MacOSX & some of the newer rev Linux distro's.

    So yeah I'm basically wondering if laying down a pre-prepared image would bypass the issue whereby the W7 installation engine only supports VGA not GOP video display or if mini-setup would still cause it to hang indefinitely.



    P.S. This post isn't about GPT vs MBR or CMS vs UEFI I understand those concepts and have successfully installed W7x64 from UEFI modified USB boot media on a UEFI system with GPT HDD, it's *only* about if the VGA vs GOP limitation of W7 can be overcome via MDT image, since it fails via traditional full setup.


    Monday, February 17, 2014 3:09 PM


  • Your questions are all over the map here.

    I have personally tested MDT with many uEFI machines, and even native uEFI.

    Specifically, what machine are we talking about here? Is the machine Windows Logoed/Certified? If the machine has a Windows Logo, then YES, WinPE works just fine.

    I *have* encountered scenarios where some native uEFI machines didn't *display* video due to some outdated firmware issues (even though the machine *thought* the video was working properly). I could verify the machine was working because I ran the command (very carefully):   "<F8>wpeutil shutdown" which shutdown MDT.

    I don't see why Windows wouldn't support GOP, You may need to load the video driver into MDT, just like any device that does not have built in driver support (like network drivers).

    Keith Garner - keithga.wordpress.com

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