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  • I have two web servers, one in North America and one in Europe with two A records and IP addresses.  Both web servers run the identical static content web page.  I do not need to replicate anything between the two servers.  All North American networks are (192.168.x.x)  and all European networks are (10.1.x.x).  I have these reflected in ADS&S.  DNS records look like this:




    When a client on a North American network the makes a request for webserver1 will it always get  When a client on a European network always get


    I know that that there are several DNS providers which do this for public networks, but I am looking for a similar solution for private networks.  Sort of like how AD figures out which DC you should bind to based on the site you participate in.  Ideally this is a capability in AD integrated DNS or BIND. 

    Any ideas how I can make this round robin with AD DNS?



    Wednesday, April 4, 2012 4:10 PM


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