Computer brand, model and tech info needed with EDT?


  • I am a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and, until Windows 10, used the PCRR refurbishing software with Windows 7. We refurbish about a hundred PC's a year in our non-profit.  The PCRR software made it relatively simple, especially because we work with many different brands and models of donated PC's.  With the PCRR model, we did not have to enter the name of the original computer manufacturer, model, phone number, etc. 

    With the Express Deployment Tool, it seems there is no way to avoid entering that information. Is there a work-around to avoid the need for entering that data?  We're looking for something really simple.

    As a side note... Some of our clients are beginning to ask for Linux OS.  With Linux, the OEM setup is very easy.  Simply boot to Linux, select the language, press "Shift" to get the boot menu, then F4 to select an OEM installation.  Once the system is tweaked and apps installed, simply shut down using their own version of OOBE called, Prepare for shipping to end user."  Very straightforward and simple to use.  Would be a nice touch for basic Windows refurbishing.

    Thanks for any advice about possibly eliminating the need to enter the manufacturer info on refurbished PC's while using the Express Deployment Tool.

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 11:50 PM

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