VISTA INSTALLED! Day 6... Call From India @ 10:48pm... RRS feed

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  • This is it, my friends.  The last post on the subject of my woeful and aggravating Vista (Home Premium) upgrade experience.

    I made the painful decision last night to do a "clean install" of Vista - the remnants of my prior XP Home system (including programs!) are now resting peacefully in a shallow faintly-marked grave called Old Windows on the ***-end of my HDD.

    The call came at 10:48 last night.  I was comfortably numb at the time - not that I'm much of a drinker, mind you - but I was nevertheless quite surprised to hear the voice of a Microsoft "Research Team" member on the other end.

    He was a very polite and knowledgeable gentleman, though maybe he spent a little too much time apologizing for my difficulties than I thought was appropriate.

    He was very honest: The only way to install Vista given the circumstances I was facing, was a clean install.  Keep the data, lose the programs.

    At first I said no.  I have CAD and modeling/rendering programs that take forever to install, not to mention my hobby, which requires several of the current crop of digital sound recording and generation app's (Audition, Sonar, Reason, Reaktor, etc...).

    I was concerned that I would run into the same problem with my programs that I ran into with XP - ACTIVATION DENIED!  I have $1,000's-worth of software running on this particular machine, I would rather avoid paying for it all over again!

    But my new friend in India told me there would be no problems, and once installed, I would agree that Vista was worth the extra effort.  He promised me...

    So on we went. 

    I am going to relay the basic process, but PLEASE do not do this without the advice of Microsoft staff...

    I (we) first did a BOOT INSTALL of HOME BASIC.  I assume anyone reading this knows how to set their BIOS to do that.

    We did NOT enter the product key, but rather went through the entire set-up with our chickens free range.

    Once that was done (about 40 minutes - he got me going and called me back at 11:35pm), we then UPGRADED Home Basic to Home Premium, updating and activating as we went.

    It worked.

    THIS WAS NOT AN "UPGRADE"!  This was a new operating system installed over the top of an existing one.  I made the decision to do this because time marches on, and I want to be completely familiar with Vista before the world goes 64 bit in 18 months or so.

    Among other things...

    So there it is.  I went to bed about 1:00am, and did not take the time to fully explore the new installation.  This morning I was an hour late to work - screw 'em!  I'm the boss!!!  (heh heh) - but was still only able to scratch the surface of Vista.

    Was it worth it?

    No, not yet.

    But let me get all my app's re-installed, and get everything in working order, and I'll check back with y'all in a day or two.

    In the meanwhile, I completely stand by EVERYTHING I've said here (and all over the web) in the last 6 days.

    Until further notice...

    Wednesday, February 7, 2007 11:09 PM