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  • Hi all,

    Here i again have a interesting situation and i am very curious if you have been able to come up with a better solution than i have now. Here i will describe the scenario:

    The scenario exists when;

    1. multiple timesheets for one resource are submitted 'at once'
    2. these timesheets have longer tasks that appear in multiple timesheets, and will therefore appear as only one task update per task, which need either to be approved or rejected as a whole.
    3. At least two of these longer tasks are rejected as a task update and need to be corrected both 
    4. These corrections have to take place in two or more timesheets


    1. A timesheet with rejected lines cannot be submitted, because;
      1. It also contains other lines that still need to be corrected
      2. However, these corrections need to be done in another period (timesheet)
      3. Here is the catch-22, because if i would submit the other timesheet first this leads to the same problem and is therefore no option

    Solution (workaround)

    1. In the first timesheet the task line is corrected
    2. Select only this line an click send status
    3. Correct the line in the other timesheet and send timesheet. Because, this timesheet does not contain any lines naymore that need to be corrected.
    4. Reopen the first timesheet and also for this one click send timesheet.I

    I am very eager to learn your solutions to this...



    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 9:09 AM

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