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  • Why in the name of Annika Hansen, is 7 of nine, not on in Windows?

    I need to know wget.exe.
    I'm not insane am I? wget.exe does exist doesn't it?

    Someone. Can you help me find wget.exe. In a reference engine, that supports millions of links, by devising some kind of scheme, that works from a hierarchy; A-B-C.

    That will find me the utility, by just looking up the corresponding, alpha-numeric-poly-lingots, where it spells ___WGET.EXE in the dictionary. Without making me want to compile it myself, in my forgotten knowledge?

    And it does exist. I know that because last time I looked, and about two months ago 'wget.exe' was still there, on technet @ ms. C?

    So then I, first tried to download the GNU utility, and it won't copy, and I don't want WinZIP.
    Can we please bring ARJ back for Powershell... And on the same diskette.

    WGET.EXE >>> copy con wget.exe


    I need the link to get wget.exe on my computer. 32b/64b pls.1

    Thursday, May 26, 2016 7:57 PM


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