DPM 2012 End User Recovery crash after replacing protected SQL DB with a new one with the same name RRS feed

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    We are having a problem with EUR in DPM 2012, here is the scenario.


    Environment specs

    DPM 2012 running on Win2008R2 on with SQL2008R2

    Protected data - SQL2008R2 running on Win2008R2 

    DPM Self Service Recovery tool running on Win7Enterprise


    in DPM 2012 we are protecting some SQL databases, lets call them example1, example2 and example3, with incremental syncronization every 15 minutes with one Express Full every day. Once every month our production team deattaches example1 from SQL and move it to a different environment and replaces it with another DB and rename it to example1 so that It has the same name as the previous one. This new database has the same origin as the previous example1 DB and DPM do not give any alerts and keeps backing up example1 as if nothing has happened.

    End user recovery is configured for these databases and it is working fine until this operation is done.

    When we try to do an End user recovery in the recovery wizard the problem occurres.

    Steps in EUR that leads to crash.

    1. new recovery job - OK

    2. Specify database details (choosing example1) - OK

    3. Specify recovery point, (I choose a recovery point that is previous to the above operation with the database replacement and click next) - OK

    3. Select recovery type, (I choose recovery to any instance of sql server and click next) - CRASH - "EURClient has stopped working"

    This happens no matter what computer I use so the problem is not local.

    If I do the recovery from the DPM 2012 management console the recovery job will complete successfully.

    Is the operation of replacing example1 db with a new example1 db of the same origin not working, even if DPM 2012 says it is, or is the problem with EUR?

    The option would be to create a new backup of the DB example1 everytime this operation has been done but then how to I retain my previous recovery points? If I choose to retain data when I stop protection of the old example1 it will just add it again when I add the new example1 to the protection group again since they have the same name.

    I hope someone out there can help me and I appreciate any effort to do so. If anything is unclear please ask me and I will gladly explain further.


    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9:38 AM