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  • Hello.  I have a bit of a problem with a Sattelite A215-S4757 loaded with Vista Home Premium (32-bit). While I know several Sattelite owners that have had no such troubles (all of whom love their Toshiba's and one of whom has an identical model purchased in the past two months and has yet to complain), this particular notebook has frustrating narcoleptic tendencies. Spontaneously it will decide that the screen needs to go blank (music continued to play on one occasion so presumably downloads and processes still run in the background), but I am not sure if the affliction is a randomly induced sleep, screensaver, hibernation, or other power saving mode. As if that were not enough, not only does it ignore the time passed since activity last took place or even if activity is currently occuring, the accursed thing cannot be woken up with any manner of key-tapping, mouse wiggling or power button toggleing. The only solution is a rather rude and unsavory reboot by holding down the power button. Naturally, all windows and programs are thusly lost, and the whole affair becomes rather unconvenient.


    The interesting part is that any intentionally induced hibernations, sleeps, screensavers etc (or ones that occur automatically after the amount of time set in the power saving dialog) all act exactly as expected and the computer can be woken from each in turn in the exact manner specified in accompanying manuals, guides and dialogs. So the mysteriously Narcoleptic computer (which, in perfect keeping with the metaphor, looses short term memory after an attack) continues to befuddle and bother me. Countless google searches have come up with very little, save a seeming connection to windows vista (hence my post here). I've searched several forums and the Toshiba site and found very little.


    There was another thread on this site which reccomended clearing out the startup files through MSCONFIG, something I am already in the habit of doing regularly with all of the family computers for the past few years, ever since a nasty spyware wave set me on high alert for bloat-ware, adware, malware and spyware. I also got into more games there abouts and performance mattered a bit more, suddenly. The point is, I've cleared out bloatware at startup and still have the issue. Any ideas?


    Sunday, September 2, 2007 8:43 PM

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  • Sorry, I don't have a solution but i do have the same problem with my Satellite A215-S4747 too. Every time i but my machine into sleep or hibernation mode and use it again. It will crash giving me no choice but to hold down the power button and lose all my work. I called tech support not to long ago and they told me to reinstall the new 1.4 BIOS and that actually lower the times the problem occurs. You might want to give that a try. Could you tell me how to do the MSCONFIG thing? that might help me a little probably




    Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:13 PM
  • I'm am terribly sorry for the extreme lateness of my reply. I had forgotten about this thread. .


    Right. MSCONFIG. Well, the tricky bit here is knowing what NOT to remove from the list. Many of the items in said list are crucial to system operation, so use with extreme caution. To reach the list, go to the start menu and type MSCONFIG into the "search bar" at the bottom (for vista, for XP click Run and then type MSCONFIG). When you hit enter, depending on your OS, either the utility will pop up or an item will appear in the list marked MSCONFIG (click on it). The window that appears should be something a bit like this. Click on the Startup tab for a list of the programs that start with your computer. Again, be very careful. To stop a program from initiating at startup, simply uncheck the box next to it. Generally speaking, it is best to leave anything that says Microsoft or Toshiba in the manufactuer column alone. The same goes for anything that sounds like it might be your Anti Viral software (they often show up as having an unknown manufacturer). For example, symevent is a Symantec/Norton file as is ccAp (which isn't clear from the name). Sometimes the origin of a file can be recognized by the command path and location strings (something that is in the Program Files/Quicktime folder is clearly a quicktime file ).


    As for what to uncheck, typically I remove google utilities, instant messengers, itunes/quicktime files, media player objects, etc. However, it all depends on which items you use regularly enough to justify additional startup time and RAM usage. If you start up the program every time you use your computer, you might as well let the computer do it for you. I learned what files I absolutly COULD NOT remove for computer function by reading a list to a tech representative I called about another issue on a desktop (i'd give you a list of those files, except I use XP and not Vista. I'll try to remember to check out my sister's laptop and see what I left up, as I've forgotten by now ). I then unchecked everything else and gradually learned what additional files I wanted to keep at startup for convience sake through trial and error. I have a knack for fiddling... sometimes I do exactly what my sisters and mom have tried with maybe only minor and likely irrelevant differences and somehow fix the electronic device/computer. Every time I have a problem beyond the scope of my non-warranty-voiding fiddling attempts, I call a friend or dell support and learn something new to add to my fiddling arsenal (or start silently cursing the superior/trainer of the friendly Indian/Pakistani man on the other side of the phone for incompetance and hit the internet. As I have dell, guess which happens more often? )


    Right. I hope this helps despite cryptic bits and liberal use of emoticons. Good luck solving the issue. Let me know if you find anything!



    Thursday, September 20, 2007 5:34 AM