Installing Windows Vista on a computer that is running a Windows XP Professional x64 RRS feed

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    XP Pro x64 to Vista x64 upgrade


    purchase an upgrade license for the 64-bit version of Windows Vista

    must perform a clean installation of the operating system.


      1> Back up personal files and settings by using Windows Easy Transfer. This back up program

          is located on the Windows Vista DVD. To back up files and settings, insert the Windows 

         Vista DVD while Windows XP Professional x64 is running and when the Install Windows

         page appears, click Transfer files and settings from another computer. 


    2>  Insert the 64-bit version of Windows Vista into the system DVD drive, and then restart the computer. 


    3>  Start Windows Vista Setup from the DVD when you are prompted.

          Note You must start Windows Vista Setup by starting the computer from the Windows Vista
            64-bit DVD. The installation package will not run on a 32-bit operating system. 


    4>  Select Custom during the Setup process. 


    5>  After installation is complete, you can restore the data from its backup location. 








    Tuesday, May 1, 2007 12:43 PM