is there any user data in the SSP databases RRS feed

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  • i.e. - SSP_DB and SSP_Search_DB


    My DBs want to put these in full recoevery mode but I think the transaction logs will shoot up in size making the whole solution potentially unstable. I want to keep them in the default Simple mode - content Dbs are all in Full mode


    I don't think point in time restores are required for these DBs as they don't contain user data and – they contain user profile and search metadata which can be recovered by running User Profile Import and full crawl

    Am I right?





    Monday, July 11, 2011 12:44 PM


  • Hi Jonjames,

    What you said is right, the SSP database includes the following types of data: SSP configuration data and site usage data, people profiles and audience data, business data catalog metadata. Search database includes all configuration and data associated with search.

    Using which recover model depends on your real requirement, if you configure SQL Server database mirroring, the mirroring works only with databases that use the full recovery model, however the transaction log size SSP database may become very large. I believe that the default recovery model is based on the high availability considerations.

    No matter which kind of model you use, it is necessary to maintaining your databases, here is an article about “Maintaining your MOSS 2007 SQL Databases”, you can check in:



    Qiao Wei

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011 3:14 AM