Is it possible to control the order of mp3 tracks written to a CD? RRS feed

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  • I have a bunch of .mp3's I've collected of talks.  Some of the talks have multiple .mp3's that should be presented in a particular order.  Is it possible to control the order of the tracks written to a CD via Windows Explorer (Vista)?  I've tried naming the files like:


    01 first part.mp3

    02 second part.mp3

    03 third part.mp3



    But when I DIR from the command window I'll get


    03 third.part.mp3

    01 first part.mp3

    02 second part.mp3


    or even more scrambled sets.  On the CD player it's difficult to find the track you want to listen to.  So, again, my question is how to do control the order of mp3's laid down on CDs?





    Monday, November 10, 2008 12:47 AM


  • Hi,


    If you burn a data disc and play it on another computer or play it in a portable, home, or car CD player, the songs might not play in the order in which they appeared in your burn list. The playback order of data discs is determined by the device or other program that you are using to play the disc. In most cases, the songs will play back in alphanumeric order by file name. The order of the DIR result may be different with the play. Have you tried to play the CD? If so, Is the order proper?


    If the order is not correct, I suggest that you still rename the files to 01*.mp3, 02*.mp3, etc, and burn the CD in Windows Media Player. Then check if Windows Media Player would help us to sort the order.


    If the issue still occurs, a work around is using Nero 8. With the new version of Nero, you can specify the order and file names of the data you want to burn.


    Nero Homepage:



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    Hope it helps.

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 9:28 AM