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  • I'm hoping someone can help me with the following scenario we are trying to implement with Response Group Workflows and Queues

    A user dials the 'ACME Support Number', which is associated to a Hunt Group Workflow 'ACME Support Number Workflow' and has an associated queue called 'ACME Support Number Queue'.
    This is working as expected. I can set the queue time-out action to 'Forward to Voice Mail' and this works

    Now what I want to achieve is 'if the above queue hits its queue time-out limit' the time-out action is to ask a question which is 'Press 1 to continue waiting OR Press 2 to leave a voice mail'. I cannot figure out a way of achieving this, I have tried setting the time-out action to a CsRgsCallAction of TransferToQuestion but this fails

    Many thanks


    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 8:33 AM


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