Configuring Server to update from Localhost


  • Please pardon my ignorance.  I'm a Unix guy.  I'm not a Windows hater, just a little frustrated.

    I'm working with a disconnected network scenario.  The export server has been synchronized and the WSUSContent and metadata have been transferred to the Import Server (Server 2012 Standard).

    The question now is how do you get the Import Server to update from itself?

    The WSUS Configuration in 2012 only has the option to point to another upstream server.  Do I simply point it to itself?  It can't be that easy.

    Next question is, how do I get Server 2012 to initiate an update?

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  • WSUS is the server-side aspect, WUAgent is the client-side aspect.
    Your (disconnected) WSUS, and the WSUS configuration of it, relates only to it's role as a WSUS server.

    The machine (as does every other Windows machine) also has WUAgent (the WU client component) which needs to be configured, and, can be configured to be served by itself.
    Treat this aspect of the WSUS server, just as you would all of the other clients that will be served by this host.
    i.e., on the WSUS server machine, configure the relevant WUServer registry settings (manually, or via admin template/GPO)

    How does WS2012 initiate updating? It's the same as for every other Windows machine (either client or server OS editions):
    configure the registry settings (you can use the GUI to set the updating behaviour, but there is no GUI method for setting the WSUS server name to be managed-by).

    You can also use console commands such as: wuauclt /detectnow

    You can check the resultant activity of WUAgent by examining c:\windows\windowsupdate.log

    (example of windowsupdate.log from my Win8.1 pc, after initiating the detection)

    2014-02-26 07:11:11:127  420 1508 AU Triggering AU detection through DetectNow API
    2014-02-26 07:11:11:127  420 1508 AU Additional Service {117CAB2D-82B1-4B5A-A08C-4D62DBEE7782} with Approval type {Scheduled} added to AU services list
    2014-02-26 07:11:11:127  420 1508 AU Triggering Online detection (non-interactive)
    2014-02-26 07:11:11:127  420 1948 AU #############
    2014-02-26 07:11:11:127  420 1948 AU ## START ##  AU: Search for updates

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