SCOM Monitor for SNMP Nodes (Index Based OIDs)


  • Hi All,

    I need support to work with Monitors for SNMP Devices like Routers and Switches. I am testing the SNMP capabilities of SCOM for monitoring tool refresh for Network Devices. I have used MP Author to create MP but it does not support Index based OID Monitors.Below is the example of such OID. In this case OID remains same but it has index value for each component as in this case there are 2 power supplies therefore index 1 and 2 is added to PowerSupply OID. 

    OID .
    OID for PWR1
    OID for PWR2   

    I tried creating Monitor on parent OID . and it shows Components as Green but when I try to test it , it doesn't work. If I use specific OID . targeted against power Supply (Cisco Env) Class, it gets the status of PWR1 and shows same status against all power supplies (and I expect that).

    These Devices are already certified but still components monitoring still doesn't work.Same problem with the rules for example monitoring temperature of the components or Voltage of the components.

    I have also tried SNMP MP Generator tool with SCOM 2016. I am able to discover all components and Monitors work with it without any issues However, it creates duplicate elements for each Components. This will be a problem in case where I want to have hundreds of switches and routers in SCOM console.

    Also there are things like QOS COS which have double indexed snmp tables which are runtime indexes as they may change but I could not figure out the way.

    Has anyone done this before? or guide me to correct links. (fyi I have tried various internet links but majority of them are for SCOM 2007 where XML codes were explained, I tried playing with XML as well but couldn't succeed)

    Friday, January 19, 2018 2:04 AM

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