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  • I'm working on a Windows Phone 8 App.

    I've got an existing SQL Azure database and want to reference that data in my mobile app.  That app also is referenced in some web and desktop apps so I want to keep in intact.

    I've created a new Azure Mobile Service and said I want to use an existing database and pointed to the Azure database.

    It creates a new service but no tables or data appear get created in the Mobile Services tables for me to reference or create classes against.  Is this how it works?  Do you have to recreate or import?  You would think it would copy the schema or reference the same data tables or populate with some data.

    Should I expect that the data is shared?  If somebody enters records on the Mobile device should it reflect in my other apps that link to the same data?  If I enter records on my desktop app, will it show up on the mobile device?

    Lastly, my app uses a MVVM pattern and wondering if I simply populate my "lists" in the ViewModel using async calls?  Do I have to do anything special to handle the NotifyProperty changed?  Should I just skip the ViewModel and put calls on my MainPage as the examples show?


    Thursday, August 01, 2013 10:04 PM


  • Hi,

      >> I've created a new Azure Mobile Service and said I want to use an existing database and pointed to the Azure database.

    I'd like to know whether you have chosen the existing database when you create the mobile service. If not, then your mobile service would not know it, please try to create a new one. If you've already chosen to use an existing database, it is needed to rename the database's schema (or create a new schema) to be the same as your mobile service. Then please create tables in mobile services using the same name as your SQL database tables, only tables are needed to be created, it is not needed to define columns, at this stage those mobile services tables are linked to database tables, and will work as expect. For instance, you can see your existing data in mobile service portal, and changes in mobile services will reflect in the database. In addition, please refer to for a tutorial.

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