Subject: what should be my understanding of the total number of hours invested in the plan by resources Vs the span of the plan? RRS feed

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  • If create plan, which is supposed to get finished in 5 days:

    What should I expect if I have to calculate the span or the age of the plan in terms if hours. I suppose 40 hours right (5X8)?

    Or does it depend on which country I belong to because working hours limitations may differ from country to country?
    or it depends on the way I configure the Enterprise Calendar and instruct the calendar that these are the numbers of the hours a resource is supposed to be dedicating to work?

    I have a colleague he said that he does not use baseline work and the total number of hours which the work plan must be finished within is not a constraint. Therefore the sum of the durations of all the tasks does not necessarily have to be equal to the actual time span of the work plan. Now how is that possible?

    Am I wrong if I say the duration within which each task should get over should be equal to the total of the actual time span of the task.

    I may also be wrong. For example: there is a plan which starts on 1<sup>st</sup> Jan morning ends on 1<sup>st</sup> jan evening, during which there may be 100 tasks which are to be done by 100 resources than the total of the time given to each task will obviously more than the total age of the plan if one task is allowed 1 hours..I am very confused. Please help.

    Friday, October 25, 2013 2:44 AM


  • Hi,

    You need to understand that Work = Units * Duration. The default duration is set by the Project Calendar (and if using Server) then that is an Enterprise Calendar. 

    Microsoft uses an 8 hour calendar working over 5 days per week.

    Assuming you have one task with a one day duration, and assign one use to that task, your task work will be 8 hours, and your project work will be 8 hours.

    If you have two tasks, each of one day duration, running concurrently, and assign one user to each task, then each task will have 8 hours work, your project work will be 16 hours, and the project duration will be 1 day. 

    You can however flex the amount of resources assigned to a task, and that of course has an impact on either the amount of work or the duration.

    This is a basic feature of MSProject, and though confusing, it's important to understand it if you want to use resources and work.  I explain it in some detail in my book.

    Ben Howard [MVP] blog | web

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