Power Query - Updating Excel After Typed Infos RRS feed

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  • Hi, everyone!
    I'm consolidating some files (excel) from a paste in a unique table using Power Query.
    After creating this geral table, I'm adding some columns (right mouse button). In some lines of the table, I'll have to type some numbers and put some written observations in those added columns, then do conditional counts using this typed parameters.

    The problem I'm having with my file is that when I update the Excel, the typed infos go to other random lines. I don't know why this happens. When I started doing the file with just one report in paste, it worked, but when I put other files in it, the problem appears. 
    To have a good result, I need to be able to put more reports in the paste and some times replace the already existent reports, which may have more or less lines.
    Can some one help me with this topic?
    PS: sorry if I made any grammar mistake, my native language is not English.

    Wednesday, September 18, 2019 12:01 AM


  • Hi Laura. When PQ loads data to an Excel sheet, there's nothing tying the loaded data to the manually entered data you enter beside the PQ-loaded table. When a refresh occurs, the ordering will change and throw off the rows. Is this what you're seeing?


    Tuesday, September 24, 2019 9:26 PM