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  • Hi I am just about to start to go through the Microsoft Test Lab Guide 'Demonstrate DirectAccess simplified setup in ipv4-only test Environment in Windows Server 2012' but I have a question re the setup.

    It says we need to simulate 3 networks as below 

    ·         The Internet (

    ·         An intranet named Corpnet ( separated from the Internet by EDGE1.

    ·         A home network named Homenet ( connected to the Internet subnet by a NAT

    Computers on each subnet connect using a hub or switch. See the following figure.

    I have created these 3 networks within my virtualisation software but I would like to query the setup of the homenet subnet.

    When it says connected to 'the internet' subnet by a nat does it mean my physical computers internet or the simulated virtual internet I have created with the name of 'internet'

    I hope that makes sense I am new to this.

    I can choose NAT as an option for the virtual adapter that I connect to the simulated homenet network but not really sure how I then connect said network to either my physical machines internet or the simulated internet via nat.

    The tutorial doesn't go into any detail re the setting up of the homenet network so any tips would be greatly appreciated

    Tuesday, July 10, 2018 3:44 PM