Connect to a IBM host system outside of a Network via HIS RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We are designing a solution where we have to connect to a IBM Host which resides out of the netwrok. We are planning to Use HIS 2010 to connect to IBM Host.

    I have the below questions.

    1.) Should we install HIS client and Server in a differnt machine ??

    2.) Can a client HIS talk to IBM host which is out of Network ??

    3.)How can a message be posted to host system if i install client on one mahcine and Server on one mahcine.??

    4.)Does IBM host understands only LU6.2 protocol or TCP/IP is also accepted?

    Appreciate if anyone can clarify the above ansers.

    Thanks... SPN

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  • There aren't many details here so it will be hard to give accurate answers because they could change based on the actual requirements of the proposed solution.

    2) Most customers use HIS in environments where the IBM host system (mainframe or AS/400) are located remotely from the HIS Server and/or HIS clients. This may be across the WAN on the customer's own network or external to the customer's HIS environment when a 3rd party is hosting the IBM systems.

    In either case, the HIS Server hosts the connections to the IBM host systems over an IP or SNA network.

    1) HIS Servers also include HIS Client functionality such that you can run the HIS application (3270 emulator, APPC application, SQL client for DB2 access, etc.) on the HIS Server where separate HIS Clients are not needed.

    The other scenario is to have the HIS Servers handle the IBM host connections and then have HIS Client systems running applications that communicate with host applications via the HIS Servers.

    3) HIS Clients communicate with HIS Servers via the HIS client/server interface to pass data from SNA applications to the HIS Server which sends the data to the IBM host application. If you are using HIS feature that support direct TCP/IP connections to an IBM mainframe (such as Transaction Integrator, Session Integrator, Data Integration), these are HIS Server features in which case the HIS Server system connects directly to the IBM host system.

    4) IBM host systems, of course, support SNA protocols (including LU 6.2). Most IBM host systems also support TCP/IP. HIS supports direct TCP/IP connections for many features such as I listed above. Even the core SNA Gateway feature connects to IBM mainframes and AS/400s using IP using our IP-DLC link service that integrates with IBM Enterprise Extender. In this case, the LU 6.2 or 3270 data streams are encapsulated in UDP to cross IP-based networks.

    The real answers come down to what you are trying to achieve. What types of host applications will you be integrating with and what HIS features are you interested in.


    Stephen Jackson - MSFT

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