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    I m trying to make use of the code provided in:

    Walkthrough: Creating a Synchronous HTTP Handler

    I am fine with the concepts of the code, but I cannot understand how to implement such a project in Visual Studio Community 2015.  I want to understand how (if it is possible) to debug the code in Visual Studio and then how to deploy it.  The article mentions IIS 6 and IIS 7 whereas on my Windows 10 environment i think I get an Express version of IIE (that came with VS) and the Windows 10 version of IIS, which says in its IIS about box, that it is version 10.0.15063.0.

    I have read a lot of material on the topic and often people talk about using VS to Open a Web site from the file menu, but I am not really quite sure what that does or how it helps in this situation.  The following article provides a solution close to what I want to achieve, though in my final solution the image will be pulled from a VARBINARY SQL Server database column.

    Generic Image Handler Using IHttpHandler

    If you down load the source code for this project you get exactly what I would expect.  A client web application that writes references to its web page at run time AND a separate iHTTPHandler project that serves up the image requested in the calling parameter.

    So I am expecting that there is a need to install the iHTTPHandler either in IIS Express or IIS, and that once installed you should be able to enter a URL that will cause the browser to refresh with the requested image?  Visual studio provides no deployment / publishing options for the iHTTPHandler project (that I can see).  I presume I just need to copy the BIN DLL into the required folder over seen by IIS?  Do I need additional IIS settings for the handler to be recognised?

    Finally, there is the part which allows the client application to recognise the fact the handler exists, which I believe is a line in web.config.

    <add type="ImageHandlerLib.ImageHandler, ImageHandlerLib" path="ImageHandler.aspx" verb="*" />

    There is not much explanation as to the "why" this is needed (i.e. its purpose).

    An ideal answer would "in the context of visual studio" provide a step by step explanation of how to get this working in the IDE as a simple handler that returns "hello world" in text.  It should describe any limitations in terms of debugging.  I am not sure how, for example, I can set a break point and see the return string assigned in the handler.  Then any notes regarding deployment for production.

    Many thanks.

    Monday, July 3, 2017 2:21 PM