Folders go from Shared to Not Shared After Restart

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  • I am very irritated right now. As the title says, Folders go from shard to not shared. I really don't have enough time to constantly go in and restart the server service every single time. I have tried everyway to share the folders, I did it through the share and storage management, GPO, going to properties then sharing tab, and using the sharing part after right clicking. It is getting very irritating and frustrating. I also tried using this thread:, but involves me to restart the service server each time, which I don't have time to do with me being a college student. I need to have everything show up everytime after a restart cause my server holds all my files such as classwork and homework. I can't have this constantly happening. Is there a way to fix this problem once and for all? I am getting very fed up and don't have much patience. I do have the server service set for (Automatic Delay) startup.

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 7:01 AM

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