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  • Good day!

    I have SCSM 2016, Microsoft and Cireson Porlals, Authoring tools and Orchestrator, but can't to decide the question:

    There is a Service request (SR), created on the Portal. This SR has a related Review activity (RA). The RA can be rejected. After rejection I want the End User edit some data of the SR (e.g. he (she) made a mistake in "Name" of New employee, when created a SR) on the SMPortal.

    I've read a lot of articles, but still don't have an answer for this question.

    Please, help me, if you know the decision. Any information or links will be usefull.


    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 9:08 AM

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  • Hi

    Unfortunately what you are trying to do is not possible in Service Manager and there are no commercial or free add-ons to do this.

    The main issue is that once an SR has been submitted there is no way for an end user to edit it. The only way to edit it is via the console and that requires Analyst permissions.

    Also once you reject an RA the workflow on the SR stops and the SR cancels. For the workflow to continue you would need to 'approve' the RA and use the comments to show that it was rejected. The next activity would then need to process this information via a runbook or PowerShell activity.

    But this then leaves you with the first issue, that there is no way for a end user to edit the SR. 

    The only suggestion I can come up with and you are probably already doing this, is to reject the SR and create a notification to the end user that has the comment (ie reason) why the SR was rejected and all the SR details in it. Then the end user has the information to submit a new SR, if possible from a link in the notification email.



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    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 9:56 AM
  • Thanks for your answer. I'll try to construct our work according this logic of pre-installed workflows.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 11:46 AM