I am going mad, as long as the video will definitely Death! ! ! windows 7 7057,7068,7077,7100rc x64 RRS feed

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  • A depressing! 7057,7068,7077,7100 death as long as the video will definitely! ! ! Generally die within 5-30 minutes. . .
    Drivers are the latest.
    7000-7048, that the problems are not. NV I remember that after 7057 became the driver of the 181.71. Is the old drive will not crash it. Hey, really depressed.
    Graphics is the NV 7300LE..

    Its good in 7000-7048, but since 7057 to the 7100RC,, its released on video placed placed certain death, it has been depressed.
    I also specially installed 7048, having read the driver is 179.43, after 7048 its 181.71 for all, that my card is NV7300LE, it is an old video card can only use the old drive? then I installed 7048 again, UPDATE the 181.71 driver,but it didnt crash, so i really do not understand the.
    Saturday, April 25, 2009 4:41 PM