A little help configuring some Windows 10 specific GPO settings


  • Hi, could any body please help found some GPO or the way to do the following on windows 10 machines?

    I have a 2008R2 AD, I have already installed the updated ADMX templates

    What I what to achieve is the following on my windows 10 clients:

    - Remove Feedback app, or hide it ore something, I simply don't want anybody using this app

    - Remove Store app, and remove the ability to install store apps

    - Pin Items to start Menu, for example I want that all my users have only pinned to star menu Office Apps, and user folders (Music, Videos, Documents, etc)

    - I dont know how is it called, but I also need to remove the lock screen rotating wallpapers

    - Disable bitlocker

    - Add to internet settings:

    Use SSL 2.0

    Use SSL 3.0

    Use TLS 1.0

    Use TLS 1.1

    Use TLS 1.2

    Thank you in advance for the help

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016 9:51 PM


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