Need to migrate from old SCE2010 to a new server


  • We need to scrap our existing SCE2010 with embedded SQL Express, and install a new SCE2010 on different server, and we would like to use remote SQL with the new install.

    So, my question is: if we don't need to preserve existing data, can we simply uninstall the current SCE2010 installation, then rename the old server to some other FDQN, then go to the new server, change it's FDQN to match the old SCE server name, and install SCE2010 on it and use remote SQL option. Is it possible? What we are trying to avoid is uninstalling all the existing agents that are currently pointing to SCE server, so we are hoping if we can keep the FQDN name the same for the new server, we don't have to modify any agents, GPO groups etc. Would that work, or we have to completely scrap everything (including agents) even if the new SCE server name will be the same?


    Tuesday, June 25, 2013 5:20 PM