The way white space is handled in folders for copy/paste functionality. RRS feed

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  • Another shell mistake that I hate and should have the power to switch is the way that item selection is handled in a folder now. In previous versions of windows I could click on white space and not select anything. This was very handy when I wanted to select a group of items with the mouse without using shift or control to select them. Same thing was true with paste, I could take my selections and click on a piece of white space and not worry about pasting inside of another folder. With the way folder and item selection is being handled now, there is no way to click on white space between items and do any of those functions. Now, an item is automatically selected. I can already see countless messed up copy/paste or cut/paste jobs now as somebody accidentally selects the wrong folder because the clicked in what they thought was white space.  Sure you can click on the bottom of the folder below any items or to the far right, depending on what view you are using, but this doesn't help much in large directory trees and is more cumbersome than it need be. Again, if you are attempting to dumb down the OS, you are doing a good job. I can understand this being a default behavior even for people who want things as simple as possible, but please, please make it a changeable behavior for those power users who like more granular control over the way they do things.


    Has anybody found a way to revert back to XP behavior?

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007 7:05 PM