AMD Hydra Vision Desktop Manager Causes Slow Startup of Application RRS feed

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  • I was wondering why everything slowed down when I started the SWTOR Launcher. SWTOR is the (Star Wars: The Old Republic) game.

    Note: This is just the Launcher and not the game. The Launcher is just where you enter your Account and Password to actually login and start the game.

    Basically what was happening is that it would take a little while to start up and the mouse would react real slow during the startup. Also in the Task Manager SWTOR said that it is Not Responding but then that went away and it eventually finished starting up.

    According to the Task Manager, the SWTOR Launcher at the most uses 25MB of Memory and the CPU at most uses 9% for my system. So that got me thinking and I started looking around to see what else could be affecting it. Then I noticed the HydraDMH64 listed as the top thing in my CPU usages during the Startup of the Launcher. The HydraDMH64 is the (Hydra Desktop Manager). So I turned it off and tested the SWTOR Launcher and sure enough the Launcher started up real fast. 

    So basically I wanted to let others know about this. Just encase they had a similar issues and was wondering what it may be. This could be something to look at and see if it could be the cause of there problem. If Hydra Desktop Manager caused this for the SWTOR Launcher then it could cause it for some other Applications.

    Monday, October 29, 2012 3:35 AM