ContactCard and ABSConfig AD attribute msRTCSIP-Line RRS feed

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  • Good Day, i am facing in one issue which could not solve by myself:

    1. I have a user "Test", which is EnterpriseVoice Enabled and have Line-URI = "tel:+76111"

    2. In AD i can see user account attribute msRTCSIP-line="tel:+76111"

    3. I`ve ran ABSConfig and setted up the following settings: 

    3.1 ConfigureAttributes = msRTCSIP-Line

    3.2 OC Field Name = OtherPhoneNumber

    3.3 Is this Attribute Required = True

    3.4 Type of Attribute = Phone

    3.5 Include in Devices = True

    3.6 Enabeld=True

    4. I`ve rebooted all my Lync FE`s

    5. I`ve updated address book

    And here is what i have, when i am searching in Lync CLient for user "Test" and watching on ContactCard of this user i didnot see OtherPhone Field! I am searching with client which have Address Book Client Policy = WebSearchOnly (it was maded for exclusion wating time for synchro client address book). So i didnot see filed "OtherPhone"  in user "Test" ContactCard.

    I`ve manually add for user "Test2" in ADUC\General\Telephone number\Other\ "tel:+76222"

    I`ve manuall add for user "Test3" in ADUC\General\Telephone number\Other\ "+76333"

    Have done update lync addres book, and searching for this users in Lync Cient:

    1. "Test" - no OtherPhone field

    2. "Test2" - there is OtherPhone Field and it showing "+76222"

    3. "Test3" - there is OtherPhone Field and it showing "+76333"

    So for now, i can say  that updating of address book is correct, normalization rules are correct.

    What to do, maybe i should search in Lync SQL DB or what? Is anybody have working solution for this? I do not whant to input "Line-URI number" for one account in two different places (in Lync CSP - Line-URI and in ADUC\Other Phone), is it possible to show AD attribute msRTCSIP-Line as a OtherPhone on ContactCard of Lync Client?

    Thank you.

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014 6:27 AM

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  • Hi Aleksey

    The ABSConfig  tool is used to enable administrators to specify the Active Directory Domain Services attribute to be included or excluded in the Address Book Service files. It doesn’t mean that all the attribute can be displayed in Lync contact.

    Best regards,


    Thursday, November 20, 2014 1:49 PM
  • Eric good day, thank you for your answer. 

    So you think that there is no way to display AD "msRTCSIP-Line" attribute in ContactCard as "OtherPhone" number?

    I think that it is not best scenario:

    1. New Lync user

    2. Enable Enterprise Voice giving him Line URI number

    3. Add the same number in ADUC in "Other" field

    There must be the way to add this information autmatically.... i hope :)

    Thursday, November 20, 2014 2:20 PM