Windows SBS 2008 - extremely slow


  • Hello wondering if anyone has any ideas.

    We are running windows SBS 2008 SP2 (Only needing it to function as a file server, and DHCP)

    It is extremely slow so slow that loading circles don't spin. Clicking on things even preforming Ctrl alt del to log in

    takes a while. Hardware wise the server is fine. The slowness only appears to be affecting  the server its self (People accessing

    the shared files/Printing don't experience any issues)

    You open the SBS management console and it just sits there collecting DATA and saying Querying and that's all it will do, it never finishes.

    We have repaired the SQL 2005 and applied fixes, set maximum memory to 100MB and recreated the SBS monitoring data base, but still extremely slow.

    My main concern is that it will not load the backup and restore page, it just sits there Querying and never Query's.

    Even if we can just get it self backing up, and deal to the slowness later.

    any suggestion would be great cheers  


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