Protecting Against Ransomware RRS feed

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  • I manage 32 computers at a radio reading service for the blind.  They all run Windows 10 except for computers in production feeding digital audio to a U.S. FM radio station transmitter, to ordinary telephones, and to a digital audio streamer which runs Windows 7 on the recommendation of third party software vendors.  WaaS with its constant updates makes for an unstable production platform no matter what Marketing at Microsoft claims.  Anyway.   The streamer running Open Source Shoutcast sits behind a firewall that is erected by a WatchGuard appliance.  Despite the firewall, the streamer was successfully attacked by  ransomware.  I advised my customer not to pay the ransom.  Since the PC was custom-built, Microsoft does not ship all the drivers necessary to reinstall Windows.  What was missing were drivers for the network adapter.  Absence of a network adapter is a big deal since the digital audio stream is supposed to service users on the Internet.  So we sent the PC back to the builder for a refresh.  My question is: What is the situation as regards protections against attacks from ransomware built into Windows?  I know we have Defender.  I assume Windows 10 is more immune than Windows 7 in various thoroughly undocumented ways.  Obviously the WatchGuard appliance did not perform as we expected it to do.  Perhaps not all the various add-ons were installed in the WatchGuard.  From what I could see the bootstrap code had become corrupted.  When the computer was turned on the first thing to appear on the screen was a message from the malefactor demanding payment.  What to do?


    Saturday, November 3, 2018 6:48 PM