Vista Mass Application malfunction from Internet Explorer RRS feed

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  • So, this morning as I turned on my computer (This was after shutting down and installing updates previously), It turned on, took a little longer than usual, and displayed the log in screen fine. After logging in, 46 internet explorer windows opened and closed with a pop up from Norton anti Virus saying " File Download - Security warning, Do you want to save this file?" Then it lists run, save or cancel and says it is downloading whatever application or program that I was trying to open.

    This is happening for all of my applications. Files such as jpegs, word, mp3s and the like are all fine but all apps are now "EXE File". Even going through and clicking the file in /Programs won't work. Mozzilla, oddly enough, is the only application that still works. Everything else, including the Restore and Back up option in Control pannel will display the internet explorer File download popup.

    Clicking Run on the popup will send the popup into a loop and another one appears with no end in sight, other times it will ask repeatedly wether I really want to run the program, and if I continue clicking Run it will open internet explorer, and start the whole process over.
    Clicking Save will close the popup and nothing will happen.
    Clicking Cancel will work most of the time,  ut on occasion it gets stubborn.

    Another picular part is that when I click on a file, such as a .jpg, it will open normally and I will be able to use the program, but only if I use a file made from that program.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:24 PM